Sunday, 6 January 2008

Secretary's Soapbox

Do you believe? Do you REALLY believe? Or do you just say you believe because it’s become a bit of a habit that started when you were young and your parents went to church, or made you go to Sunday School while they had a bit of peace and quiet? Or perhaps your partner was a believing Christian and it was easier to go along with the whole church-thing. For whatever reason…… do you REALLY believe deep down in your soul that God made you and this whole world and that He sent Jesus to die in your place, so that if you BELIEVE you will never, ever die, but will spend eternity in the most wonderful place that we call Heaven.

Do you sometimes listen to people talking about miraculous life-saving things that have happened to them, and think “Yeh, yeh, good story but, pull the other one it’s got bells on!” Well, I’ll tell you something……………… do I!

The trouble with hearing or reading something is that you’re getting it third-hand, you didn’t really experience the event and so the negative, cynical side of your reasoning is telling you that it can’t have happened. This even applies to reading the Bible, you can read it cover to cover as though it was a best-selling novel, and it won’t mean anything other than a good read.

So, what’s the answer? How can you become a fully-paid up born-again (because God said you must be) Christian? Don’t ask me……. I don’t know! But I know a man who does……………………..His name is Jesus, He was sent to the earth to live as a human and teach other men (and women) all about His Father (God). He ended up dying in the cruellest way imaginable, but…... He BELIEVED in us. He didn’t know us, but He believed that we were worth saving and for that reason He died for us.

When you have moments or days of doubt, get on your knees (metaphorically if the floor is a long way down! ) and talk to Him about it, speak your mind to Him, you can even shout at Him (I used to do this a lot before I became a born-again Christian and it’s very therapeutic, but make sure you’re on your own!), He will answer you but you have to listen and be ready to do what He asks

God Bless and Happy New Year to you all