Friday, 21 December 2007

Up, Up and Away

I have been tagged from It's A Dog's Life, for this viral marketing.

Viral marketing is all about getting back links to help you increase your page rank and your authority.

All you have to do is copy the whole list to your post and tag some more friends, and go and visit all the blog/web sites on the list and rate them, use digg, stumbleuon, mixx, Technorati or what ever you want.

Tanny, thanks for tagging me, and to all who are celebrating HAPPY CHRISTMASHere is the list, my addition is at the bottom:

1.The Strategist Note Book
2.The Classy Life
3. Agenc Was Here
4.When Life Becomes a Book
5.The Haven
6.The FireWalker
7. crystrad8. nadnuts
9. ThomasWelcome10. Maitri
11. Dhanosh12."Addiction Explained"
15.Let Peace Inspire
16.Conceptis Addict
17. Chuvaness....Chakaness....Eclavu...,
18. Diary (by Liudmila),
19. from Individual@home
20. Seaykopitiam
21. Tanny's Blog.
22. It's A Dog's Life
23. Beer Church Blog

I am tagging
25.The Thin Edge
26.Palm Tree Pundit

So keep this list growing, and don't forget to rate them.

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